About Autism Services Northeast Pa

Dr. Robert Carey

Expert Clinical Psychologist in Tunkhannock Pa

Primary Focus

The primary focus of New Day Psychological Services is the assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disability Determination. In order for proper treatment to occur and to have necessary services provided it is absolutely necessary that the correct diagnosis be determined. A thorough assessment provided by a skilled diagnostician is essential to obtain an accurate diagnosis leading to recommendations for effective treatment and services. We have a broad knowledge base of the Autism and Intellectual Disability services available in the area. Once an accurate diagnosis is determined we can either provide the treatment or direct the client to appropriate treatment sources. We believe that the use of effective and thorough assessment is significantly underutilized, and is absolutely essential for appropriate treatment. All initial Autism Spectrum and Intellectual Disability assessments are conducted directly by Dr. Carey.

Other Services Available

Other assessments include Neuropsychological Testing for Children and Adolescents, Academic (Learning Disability Testing), Bariatric and Neuro-stimulator procedure Clearance, Personality, Lethal Weapon Clearance, Adoptive and Foster Parent clearance, basic Clinical/Diagnostic Interviews and BHRS/Wrap- Around Evaluations.

We also accept a limited number of psychotherapy clients, based on availability and the client’s primary issues. Our approach to therapy utilizes a combination of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and Behavioral approaches. The goal of therapy is to provide the client the necessary skills to function independent of treatment. A variety of issues are treated such as basic counseling issues as well as mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression.

The majority of these types of assessments as well as psychotherapy are provided by Masters level clinicians under the direct supervision of Dr. Carey.